Many people focus on the perceived safety of the short term and fail to identify the risk present in the long term. Your economic interests and potential for profitability must be protected throughout the full term of the economic cycle. We recognize that monetary expansion around the world plays a vital role in the Global Financial Market. What steps have you taken to save your money, secure your investment, and protect your wealth? We are the Analysts for Business Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Healthcare Professionals, Franchises, Small Business Owners, IT, Ai, REIT, Capital Projects, Infrastructure, Investors, Lenders, Hedge Fund Managers, Private Equity, Brokerage Firms, Auction Companies, and others. We have developed and tested a broad set of tools and solutions for our clients. With the support of our Advisory Council, we implement strategies for sustainable and profitable growth, while minimizing risk.

“I know it all… why do I need to pay you to Strategize??? It’s My Investment!”

Let’s review a Real-World Case… The Situation: A Global Venture Capital Firm was losing money in a key sector of the technology market, while at the same time, the cloud-based technology sector was experiencing double digit expansion, with great returns. Why The Client Hired Us: The Client hired us to find-out about the “music” that the market was responding to, so they could begin to play the same beat. This way, they could stop losing money and return to profitability for present-time, and the foreseeable future. The Analysis: In about year 2000, we began analyzing market strategies for Gen Zers (age 16 to 21) and Gen Z-Yers (ages 6 to 11). In 2019, Gen-Z will surpass Millennials as the largest generation, and research shows they’re about to shake things up. They already represent up to $143 billion in buying power – and that’s without accounting for the influence they have on household spending. We navigated the Client and their agents through the situation, to an understanding of Gen-Z and the power they have in the market today, in order for the Client to build brand loyalty for tomorrow. Gen-Z is already on track to become the largest generation of consumers by the year 2020. demand suppl Gen-Z will transform the business world in the following sectors: High-quality revenue has three main characteristics: Profitability, Diversity, Predictability. A focus on growth and growth alone is always a temporary strategy. Over time, an Investment’s value becomes a function of both growth and cash flow. Superior earnings eventually lead to superior value creation based on the quality of your “Life after the Sale or Purchase.” Are you planning to acquire an info-tech company, small business or investment property? Perhaps you prefer a “buy and hold” strategy for long-term cash flow. What about distressed businesses and M&A? Sellers say they want to avoid the lost time, wasted holding costs, lost opportunities and stress, that comes along with not being able to exit their investments. At the same time, Investors tell us, they desire to move toward their profit targets in a way that provides less uncertainty, and less risk.
What We Do
To provide value in these situations, PDH-SAT utilizes Ethos, Logos and Pathos, while leveraging specialized sector expertise to address market conditions and our Clients’ unique requirements. We are not Agents, Brokers, Marketers or Connectors, and we do not participate in your commissions. Clients pay us to Analyze and Strategize regarding their unique situations…