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At a high-level, here are the basic parameters by which we measure each and every Deal : PDH-SAT designs and implements Real Estate buy/sell strategies that help sellers secure Top Dollar$ and position buyers to gain their desired ROI.

Luxury Property For Sale through Auction

The continuing rise of disposable income, the ease of international travel and the introduction of technologies that make it possible to work from anywhere, bring opportunities to live in properties that fit every buyer’s unique definitions of luxury and prestige. Many people are finding a better quality of life than they may have been able to afford within their home market.

Whether you’re buying to live the high life, to invest, or looking to create or move your business, a large luxury property offers many benefits. Despite interest rates and consumer confidence still being areas of worry for some analysts, the luxury real estate market remains buoyant overall, with prices remaining stable.

As up-and-coming areas tap into the worldwide boom in second home ownership, developers are catering to new buyers of luxury homes by offering secure, gated urbanisations in spectacular locations, with many amenities on-site.

Where To Find Luxury Properties
Luxurious living, as can be well understood, is not to be found cheaply – sometimes, if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it. Impeccable design, and highly desirable locations, along with the high quality fixtures and fittings of luxury properties, will always ensure that values remain strong. However, there are definitely ways to make your funds go further.

Buying into a new urbanisation, or an area where new transport links give access to the traditionally more popular (and thus more expensive) locations, could ensure rapid growth in property resale value, but you may have to wait several years for such gains to come to fruition.

We also cater to those special areas of the world, where the world’s most talented and beautiful people come to be seen. To many buyers with larger budgets, location can be all-important. If you’re looking for a luxury property, we will almost certainly have a suitable home, or be able to source your exact requirements.