At PDH-SAT, we understand that all asset classes experience market turbulence and fluctuations in value. Each segment of the real estate market will at some point be impacted by various economic conditions and cycles.

We provide a full range of real estate Analytical Services for navigating today’s complex and dynamic market, so you can make your best decisions for reducing your risk, and reaching your goals.

Clients rely on us when making buy-sell decisions, and when evaluating debt/equity markets and their impact on financing products.

We also assist with long-term portfolio strategies, development/redevelopment options, and investment return optimization.

Real estate investors, lenders, developers, owner-users and landlords retain us for a wide range of services, including the following:

PDH-SAT covers every major real estate product segment including industrial, office, retail, multi-family, vacant land and single family housing. Our team employs a systematic approach when formulating custom-tailored recommendations and real estate solutions for the following:

Whether you’re thinking about buying, selling, holding, or refinancing your real estate assets, PDH-SAT will provide sound advice, strategic plans and consulting services, to help you reach your goals. When analyzing an investment it is important to assess from both a qualitative and a quantitative perspective. So what does this mean?

Qualitative Terminal Value  means looking at the intangibles. The factors about a business that are not purely numbers driven can be just as important as crunching the numbers.

Quantitative Terminal Value  means looking at the actual numbers. Looking at different financial metrics and ratios is fundamental to the analysis of any company being looked at.

Qualitative Terminal Value can be far more subjective and really depends on the company that is being looked at, and the purpose of the analysis overall. Perception of management effectiveness is important, for instance, do you think they can run the company effectively and take advantage of opportunities?

Customer and supplier relationships are also important. Even-though you can’t really quantify a company’s leverage with suppliers, you would want to know about the nature of their relationship. Qualitative assessments require a degree of professional judgement about what’s relevant and about what should be discussed or looked into.

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