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PDH System Analyst Team “PDH-SAT” is one of the world’s first professional Real Estate Logistics consultancies, specializing in the placement of ROI through M&A.

High-quality revenue has three main characteristics: Profitability, Diversity and Predictability. A focus on growth and growth alone is always a temporary strategy.

Over time, an Investment’s value becomes a function of both growth and cash flow. Superior earnings eventually lead to superior value creation based on the quality of your “Life after the Sale or Purchase”.

The Birth Of The World’s First Homes and Cities Was Largely Built on Sun-Dried Brick. The land was equally devoid of trees for timber, so the people turned to other natural resources that lay abundantly at hand: the muddy clay of its riverbanks and the rushes and reeds that grew in the marshes. With them, the Mesopotamians created the world’s first columns, arches, and roofed structures. In the ancient world, “City” describes an urban center of dense population where people live, work and play. They built a unique pattern of buildings for mercantile and The Logistics Of Real-Estate to generate goods and services to serve their community.

Ancient Real Estate Logistics: The Legacy of Some of The Thirty-Nine “Firsts” Human Foundations:
The First Schools, The First Case of “Apple Polishing,” The First Case of Juvenile Delinquency, The First “War of Nerves,” The First Bicameral Congress, The First Historian, The First Case of Tax Reduction, The First Legal Precedent, The First Pharmacopoeia, The First “Farmer’s Almanac,” The First Experiment in Shade-Tree Gardening, Man’s First Cosmogony and Cosmology, The First Moral Ideals, The First “Job,” The First “Sayings,” The First Animal Fables, The First Literary Debates, The First Case of Literary Borrowing, Man’s First Heroic Age, The First Love Song, The First Library Catalog, Man’s First Golden Age, The First Long-Distance Champion, The First Literary Imagery, The First Lullaby, The First Literary Portrait, The First Elegies, The First Aquarium.

Some Of The Most Distinctive and Important Ancient Art Forms:
The Plow, The Wheel, The Chariot, The Sailboat, and The Cylinder-Seal. These “Inventions” formed the beginnings of today’s systems of Business, Commerce and Property Ownership, and lead to the development of modern civilizations.

Modern Day Stream Of Commerce:
Our professionals continue to serve as Analyst, Global Advisory Council “GAC”, Planner, Investor, Equity Partners, Engineer, General Contractor, Builder and Developer. We offer Six different ROI PDH Products and Services :-

  1. Terminal Value “TVS”
  2. Investment Diagnostics “IDS
  3. Market Metrics “MMS”
  4. Development Execution “DES”
  5. Life After Purchase and Sale “LAPS”
  6. Investment Exit Forecast “IEFS”

Sometimes a Local to Global “L2G” expansion is ideal due to Wealth Transfer, Currency, Labor Force, GDP, Per-Capita Income, etc.


Ai-Info-Tech service specializes in financing solutions and advisory services for middle market telecommunications, technology and information services businesses. Our Services support the expansion, IPO and strategic acquisition needs of our clients.


Align Built Custom Properties is our primary focus on this Division of Paudel Homes as well as upscale Renovation. Developed , Analyzed and Implemented by our Team of Analyst, GC, Engineers, Builders, Lenders, Investors, Vendors in Asia, Europe and America….


“ZARA” System is built on the foundation of your “DAAI” Feasibility Study Report. Our PDH-SAT-GAC navigates your products and services to any sector on The Globe.

Invest. Diagnostics – IDS

Navigate Clients through difficult transaction drivers: Technological Advancements, Growing Geriatric Population, Increase in Healthcare Expenditures Per Capita, Increase in Incidence of Chronic and Infectious Disease impact in laborforce..

Terminal Value – TVS

Basic PDH-TVS characteristics: Responsibility (to make decisions), Availability (to work with the team to answer questions), Knowledge (to answer the team’s questions and to organize work appropriately)….

Exit Plan – IFS

Exiting the market in a timely way is just as important as entering. Like in the case of entering, there is no one fixed time for an exit. Allow exit time to be flexible and in accordance with your PDH- Investment Forecast goals and horizons.

Market Metrics – MMS

PDH-SAT gauges the future real estate landscape. Whether a buyer’s or seller’s market the aforementioned trends should provide substance for those looking to predict their next move. The Global or a local neighborhood view is really where you can see the differences, disparities and changes..

Dev. Exec. – DES

Analyzing broadly-defined area and using functional decomposition to define high-level epics in the market. Real estate market trends will create a well-organized, value-driven framework. The real deal requires investment return which can be accomplished by “PDH-DES”..

Life after Sale – LAPS

The role of a PDH-SAT is often ignored – it is assumed that the Investor, Broker, Agent, Buyer, seller understands the multitude on very large complex projects. Their basic marketing skills is not going to produce desired ROI…

Setting The Standard

By focusing on the Homeowner’s needs, we set the industry standard for outstanding service and long-term relationships. We strive to become the provider of choice and to exceed our clients’ expectations.


Our network of highly skilled draftsmen can design and build the Custom Luxury Home of your dreams.

Build to Suit Homes

Love one of our floor plans but want to put your own touch on it? Paudel Homes “Build to Suit” option allows you to take one of our floor plans and make it uniquely yours!

How it's works

Real Estate Logistics Deal Consultancy

PDH System Analyst Team “PDH-SAT” applies a value-oriented, opportunistic investment approach, with active, hands-on management during the property modification phase.

As a Real Estate Logistics Deal Consultancy, we design and implement Real Estate Buy-Sell Strategies that help Sellers secure Top Dollar$, position Buyers to gain their desired ROI, and help Brokers/Agents Close Easier and get Paid Faster.

We are not Real Estate Agents or Brokers, so we do not participate in Real Estate Agent/Broker commissions. Real Estate professionals, marketing departments, Buyers, Sellers, Investors and all other parties retain our firm for a fee, and use the Intelligence Analytics of our Science and Analytics Division to make informed buying decisions, and to market properties or services to sell easier, and close faster.


PDH Development Execution System Analyst listens to your needs and wants, and then proceeds to identify strengths and weaknesses of ideas.

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We identify opportunities, room for betterment, and processes to take your home to the next level.The Design phase consists of producing presentation drawings of refined concept floor plans,

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Once we have everyone on board with the project, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish. The Design Development phase consists of translating the approved Design floor plans.

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PDH Development Execution System Analyst works with you, adjusting strategies as needed to meet the mutual goals Pre-Con-Doc consists of finalizing building and zoning codes, and review with authorities having

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