During the last nineteen years the hard working advisors and analyst from Paudel Homes helped us put together the Hotel-Motel, Dollar Store, Gift Shop, Rental Properties and Land Acquisition from business-start-up to the sale. Most of the time we were able to grow our real estate investments with their Terminal Value Investment strategies however, sometimes their Exit Strategy is so aggressive and we disagree, because we think we can hold longer and gain more ROI. Making that mistake cost us close to a $400,000 loss.  We liquidated the business, closed the doors and couldn’t sell the properties until today. Holding costs and stress are taking a toll on our lives. I wish I had listened to Mr. Paudel and his team of experts on their Exit Strategy on that project.

by Gill Family, REIT Fund

Just having a business plan of your dream and money will lead you towards disaster. Utilizing the PAUDEL HOMES Science & Analytics of Real Estate Investments in combination with Terminal Value demand and supply flow, gives you lower risk on long term return in any market condition. From small residential home remodel or sub-division to the Large commercial.

by Bruce G. Smith, Developer & Influencer

They made things convenient for me and were very accommodating. Also, their price was pretty good.

by Gary H. Client

They’ve done about 20 separate projects of all kinds for me and I can say that they are excellent, on time and on budget. They’re slightly pricey, but they’re worth it!

by Stephen F., Client

Their services were great! They were timely and did quality work. Also they were very professional, easy to work with, dependable and trustworthy.

by Dawnya A. Real Estate Agent

With little need for a formal dining room, we hired DFW to turn the room into an office. The team was great, punctual and did an excellent job. We got so many compliments from neighbors who had seen the before and after and can now fully utilize the space! We’d surely recommend this company!

by Homeowner in Frisco, TX

We hired them to remodel our house in Savannah. They did total inside and out paint, laminate floor, kitchen and bath remodel. Everything went smoothly and we were able to sale for $20,000 more.

by Hampton Family

We are so in love with our new kitchen. It is everything we asked for and more. Vino was awesome to work with! He made the entire process as easy on our family as possible. Thank you!

by Kristin Flynn

Vino is wonderful! It was a pleasure to work with him. He and his crew are very professional and courteous to my clients. Vino was able to help my clients with their contracting needs and get the house in good shape to assist in a smooth sale transaction for us. He definitely went above and beyond in his services as obstacles occurred and I’m so thankful he was communicative throughout the whole process. I will definitely be working with him again soon!

by Lillian, Realtor

Vino is trustworthy, accountable, and personable…. all great traits in a General Contractor! I recommend him to friends and clients for remodel, roofing, painting, flooring, etc.

by Carol Carr, Realtor

I referred Vino to my clients who needed some work done around their home to get it ready to sell. Vino was prompt, courteous, offered very reasonable prices, and went above and beyond what my client had originally asked for, even assisting them with their move on their day of closing. Vino and his team work hard, they’re always on time, and have high levels of customer service. I would continue referring their services to anyone who needs it.

by Anon, Broker

Excellent people in every area! We are extremely happy with the expertise and quality of work. We definitely recommend this company. Thanks again to all of you and we will probably be calling soon for future projects!

by Anita And Joe Kelly, Client

They are knowledgeable, resourceful, and solutions oriented. Vino was awesome. He listened to what I wanted and he worked extremely hard for me. Vino found some creative solutions to ensure that I was able to get what I wanted and needed at a reasonable rate, with exceptional craftsmanship and quality.

by Amy Herzog

First, I never understood why The Lord wanted me to buy a house in Texas and move away from everything I know here in Nebraska. After meeting Vino from Paudel Homes, I very quickly understood The All Mighty’s plan. There is a huge shift happening within both our lives and the universal force of nature Hurricane Harvey proved. Once I understood, then at the end of four months I handed him the key to my house and moved back. More than just a return on investment, The Lord paved the pathway and gave me the courage to make this move to serve his people. As a veteran, I have always seen miracles on other people’s lives, however this is the first one on mine.

by Harvey DG,

This Paudel Team is on to get you Top Deals from the single family home to large Luxe Mansion flip, land or Hotel Motel. Pay them and ask the feasibility of ROI. Very direct approach with simple solutions. That’s why we call him Vino-The-Wine.

by James Cavender, Land & Cattle

Paudel Homes is great! Very professional and knowledgeable in business development and improvement. They explain in a manner that is easy to understand and is trustworthy. I highly recommend Vino and his team!!

by Aysha Khan, Small Business Owner

Few things in life are truly definitive. Paudel Homes is very valuable to us and our Buy-Hold-Fix-Flip Portfolio. They are our first point of reference and information when we’re starting new house flip deals. For years, we had been searching for the right direction. What an absolute relief it is to have found such a useful resource.

We are so happy with the caliber of real estate Terminal Value Investment strategies they’ve delivered, and we’re pleased with how expertly they’ve captured our voice, and worked with our situation to generate Top Dollars on our home Auction & Flip.

by D. R. Rothschild, Tender offer M & A

Vino and his team are awesome to work with! Very professional, knowledgeable, and creative. You can count on Vino from start to end, very reliable.  Highly recommend Vino and his team!

by Sonia Khan, Small Business Start-ups

Paudel Homes is ideal at both the start and exit of the business. It is the absolute go-to resource. They’re an independent source of comparable metrics, case studies, information and valuable analyzed data. The Paudel Homes Advisory Service is incredibly useful.

by Jimmy Nelson, Business Dev. Manager

Knowledge is power and Paudel Homes gives you the competitive edge. They’re a rich source of insights and can be the secret weapon for a powerful strategy. We can never get enough good information, insight and support for the Real Estate Investments we want to build. Paudel Homes is an invaluable tool for us across our global network.

by Keshav Nath Paudel, ADB / IMF Advisor

Whether you want to buy a bull, a farm, a cattle ranch, houses or storage buildings, Paudel Homes Terminal Value will help you get what you’re looking for. They have helped me, and I have always made money with what they planned for me.

by Gene Hamptom, Hampton Ranch

by Lisa M. Autry, V.P, 21 Billion Bank and Financial Service Corporation

by Keely N. Lawson, D.D.S., P.A.

by Michael C. Livingston, M.D.

by Lantern Dental Office